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Expert Carpet Cleaning in Toronto

Carpets hold dirt that contains different types of allergens and which is as much as four times their weight. For a healthy home, carpet cleaning is a must with the Environment Protection Agency recommending it to be done every one to 12 months, and frequent cleaning if you live in areas where humidity is high, if you have pets in your home, or if you live with a person that smokes.

What you should know about carpet cleaning

You should not look at carpet cleaning as a hard task but rather like an exercise that if you keep doing it, you can see good results and even begin to enjoy it. To maintain your carpet very well, you just need to vacuum it twice a week. If you live in Toronto and want your carpet cleaned, then you should consider asking your carpet cleaner if there is any hidden fee that you might encounter, apart from the price you agree to. Other companies may charge you a price that seems cheaper at first and then increase it once inside your house with bogus add-ons. With Quest Clean Carpet Cleaning we will never do that, we include everything that needs to complete the cleaning in your price quote.

Choose well

While choosing the right company is necessary, you should also know that whatever that can work best for your business really depends on the material and age of your carpet. However, you need to be vigilant in making your choice as many Toronto area carpet cleaning companies may trick you into accepting their services while claiming to use the best methods available for cleaning. There is no method yet that is known to be the best, but there is a recommendation that natural fibers get cleaned with hot water extraction so as to prevent them from shrinking. We will give you with the best personal carpet cleaning assessment so as to ensure you get the right treatment. We can professionally clean your carpet and mattress in a simple but safe way that is cost-friendly.

Be Aware

Carpet cleaning requires that you are careful in keeping them stain free. However, you should always be aware of scam artists who might come your way and try to take advantage of you. You should know what the company you are hiring calls standard cleaning because it might be the usual cleaning anyone can do and not professional.

Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods

Despite years and years of cleaning, stains, grime and dirt always accumulate on a carpet. So which method is the best? Using a steam cleaner and dry cleaning are the two popular methods. Which of the two has an advantage over the other?

Steam Cleaning Utilizes Chemicals Not Steam

In this battle of carpet cleaning, it is crucial to clear the myth that steam cleaning utilizes steam to clean your carpet. As much as commercial and home machines use hot water that produces steam, it’s not steam that cleans the carpet. Instead, a machine sprays detergent (s) to your carpet. Normally what happens is that hot water activates a detergent on carpet fibers. The detergent is alkaline for synthetic carpets while acidic for natural or wool fiber carpets. Wet-vac then sucks up water on the floor.

What does dry cleaning entail?

Dry cleaning carpets can also entail utilizing chemical solvents or compounds. Professionals use some little moisture to complement dry compounds. Less or no waiting time is the main advantage of using this method.

Which Is The Best Method?

Steam cleaning a carpet needs a detergent, a rented machine, and hot water. Unfortunately, you’ll wait for between 12-24 hours in order to walk on the carpet again. Additionally, ground-in stains might reappear few days after the cleaning. Even though commercial solutions can get rid of some issues, stains such as chemical or pet stains require a number of treatments. Also, steam cannot remove certain stains. With dry cleaning, there is no drying time. Dry cleaning is effective through chemical application solutions and agents. The main drawback with this method is that often, chemicals utilized in dry cleaning can be harsh. Consequently, homeowners should seek more information from a company on the agents or chemicals to be used.

Final Verdict

The truth is that both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Each of them brings with it pros and cons. Choose a method depending on your needs.

More Info

Carpet cleaning is an easy task if you have the right company to do the job. Though it may sound simple, but if you are to clean a vast carpeted area, it may be a tedious process and a challenge which may require that you employ the services of carpet cleaning experts. It is a step-by-step process. Experts offer services at a relatively pricey rate, and it is worth it.

Carpet Cleaning Rates And Processes.

First, it is essential that you are aware of how carpet cleaning can be done and at what rates. On a per-room basis (150-250 sq.ft.), rates range from $50-$75. On the other hand, if you are going to be charged on a per-square-foot basis, rates range from $0.35-0.50/sq.ft. In all carpet cleaning jobs, companies do 5 step-by-step methods in carpet cleaning:

Removal of dry soil

In this step, carpet cleaners vacuum the carpet to remove dry soil from the carpet fibers. This is a preliminary step in the effective cleaning of carpets.

Soil suspension

In this step, carpet cleaners apply chemicals, use heat to make chemical reactions on the carpet, put tension on carpet fibers to distribute applied chemicals, and wait for the chemicals to settle and take effect. These processes done in soil suspension are important to release soils from carpet fibers.

Soil extraction

In this step, steam cleaning is done to extract soil from the carpet.


This step helps in the application and spread of cleaning agents on the carpet, as well as in the elimination of carpet matting.


Carpet drying takes around 6-8 hours on normal weather conditions through the use of air movers and ceiling fans. Now that we know the standard methods used in cleaning carpets, let us now know the extra services they can offer. (If a carpet cleaning company can offer one or some of these as included in the rate or in a cheaper fee, then that’s great!)
  • Movement of furniture
  • Eco friendly carpet treatment
  • Service warranty
  Be sure to also check out our tile cleaning page to wash something that is rarely thought about but has a big impact on the cleanliness of your home.

Little Bit About Toronto

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada which covers an area of 630 square kilometers. It has a high population of different people who are from different walks of life. It is the number five largest city in North America with a population of over 2.5 million as per the 2011 census.

For more than ten thousand years, the aboriginal people lived on the site which didn’t bear the name Toronto. In the year 1750, a European came and made the first settlement but unfortunately there was the emergence of a seven-year war which made Canada pass to Britain. Through some years of the Canadian trying to rise, it happened that the first Governor John Graves built a new town here and called it York in honor of Duke of York. This town York became the capital city of Upper Canada. Reality was against Toronto because the Americans captured the town and burned some buildings in 1813 during the 1812 war. However, after the Americans withdrew, the British joined and since then, Toronto has recorded developments.

Toronto is known for its many nicknames like the Queen City, Toronto the Good, Hog Town, among many others. It is normally the center of business both locally and internationally in Canada. The finance headquarters of the five banks in Canada are found in Toronto. Arts and culture are widely acknowledged because of the multicultural experience it bears making it one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world.

Toronto is normally situated on a sloping plateau intersected by an extension of three rivers; Humber River, the Don River, and Rouge River. There is an urban forest in the city that makes it appear greener and has got deep valleys.

The town of Toronto has got must-see sites which you must make it possible to visit during your stay in the city. The very first is the tallest standing building in the western hemisphere known as the CN tower. There are other recreation facilities and sites which are normally situated at the ravines and valley lands. The Ontario Lake gives a perfect look of the city. Among some recommendable sites to visit are the Toronto Island Park, CN Tower head for heights, Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery Ontario also known as the AGO, the St. Lawrence market for your shopping and finally the University of Toronto.

Due to the diversity of Toronto, English is the number one primary language with the existence of 150 more languages spoken. This makes it possible to have a wide variety of food to eat. It is very convenient as the restaurants normally put into consideration the fact that the area is occupied by people of different origins and culture.

The city of Toronto is amazing as it normally has got 240 neighborhoods where 140 are official neighborhoods. The neighborhoods are identified with the five dimensions of the city; Old Toronto, East York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, and York. The many neighborhoods have made it possible for Toronto to have an official nickname; “The City of Neighborhoods”.

About Different Types Of Cleaning Service That You Can Get In Toronto, ON

Carpet cleaning companies in Toronto offer many different types of services to all of their business clients depending on what they need to have done. The first thing they do before beginning any kind of work is determine which option would be the best for you to take advantage of by taking a look at the kind of carpet you have, as well as its overall composition, age, and traffic patterns. Here are some of the most basic services that are typically offered.

Rotary Carpet Cleaning

This is a service that is recommended the most for carpets that are heavily soiled. The carpet's fibers are given an in-depth cleaning using a specific machine that contains a nylon bristle brush with synthetic solutions. This allows for a more effective deep cleaning since rotary brushes thoroughly clean each side of the carpet's fibers.

Steam Cleaning

This service is also sometimes referred to as "hot water extraction," and it makes your carpet loosen debris and grime by putting it under pressure. Water and synthetic solutions are used together to help with the actual cleaning process. Once all of the residue, dirt, and grime has been extracted from the carpet, the carpet itself is then left to dry. The drying process itself can take some time to complete. Not only can steam cleaning clean carpets, but it can also get rid of pollutants that have become trapped and kill dust mites. We're one of only a handful of Toronto services that can offer licensed steam cleaning!

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is a process that is similar to Rotary Carpet Cleaning; however, there are certain cleaning solutions that are used. Once all is said and done, the drying process takes about two hours. Once the carpet dries, it will need to be vacuumed.

Spot Carpet Cleaning

This is a process that focuses more on getting rid of unwanted spots on your carpet.

Interim Carpet Cleaning

All workplaces in and around Toronto have their fair share of high traffic areas, and it's these areas that always attract the most dirt, wear, and tear. This particular cleaning service helps to make these areas look as good as new.

Anti-Static Electricity

Many companies also treat carpets with a special spray that helps to prevent the buildup of static electricity.

Flood Restoration/Cleaning

For this process, flood water is removed before the carpet itself is lifted up in order to determine if there is any kind of an underlay. Underlays normally are unable to be saved; however, they are typically able to be replaced. The drying process can be sped up by the use of both dehumidifiers and air movers. Furthermore, cleaning companies will also use products to treat your carpet for odors and mold.

Upholstery Cleaning

This is another common service that a lot of companies tend to provide occasionally. Items that can be upholstered include office dividers, as these typically tend to attract greasy hand prints, allergens, and dust.

Fabric/Carpet Protection

This is something that is offered by a lot of companies for both carpets and other soft materials, and is most often performed upon the completion of a steam cleaning. It's important to note that the solution used for this service does wear off after some time and will need to be reapplied.   Lastly, be sure to check out our rug cleaning page because they can often be much more delicate than carpets and need special tools.  
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